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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 1, 2012 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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is possible. and that's what we've got set for tomorrow night's "rachel maddow show."ow show." i hope you'll join us then. "first look" is up next. scot-free. the john edwards case ends in a mistrial as the jury deadlocks on most charges. bump in the road. a horrific moment in china as a car slams into a motorcycle carrying five passengers. and top dog. a california restaurant cooks up the world's most expensive wiener. good morning, everyone. i'm lynn berry. those stories and more are straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. and we're going to begin
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with edwards. the judge declared a mistrial yesterday after deadlocked jurors were able to return a verdict on only one of six counts against him. chris clackum reports. >> reporter: north carolina. >> reporter: the stunning fall from grace for john edwards was cushioned a bit when the jury acquitted him one on of six campaign fraud charges and deadlocked on the other five. >> thank goodness we live in a system that has the kind of system we have. those jurors were an exemplar for what jurors are supposed to do. >> reporter: it comes after nine days of deliberations and resulted in the judge eagle's declaring a mistrial on the remaining charges. charges that's almost $1 million provided by donors fred baron and rachel "bunny" mellon to hide edwards' pregnant mistress rielle hunter while he ran for president amounted to illegal
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campaign contributions. edwards' attorneys argued the money was a gift and at least on one count, the jury agreed. for that, edwards was contrite. >> while i do not believe i did anything illegal or ever thought i was doing anything illegal, i did an awful, awful lot that was wrong. and there is no one else responsible for my sins. >> reporter: the justice department can still choose to retry edwards, but given how this turned out, legal experts say it's not likely. >> the government had to show he had criminal intent. they got all their rulings in their favor but couldn't get a conviction. >> reporter: edwards plans for now to return carrying for his children to include the now 4-year-old daughter he had with hunter. elsewhere, presumed gop presidential nominee mitt romney has won the endorsement of
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former first lady nancy reagan. she's been recovering from a march fall outside her home that left her with some fractured ribs. mrs. reagan said her husband ronald would have liked romney's, quote, strong principles. meanwhile, president obama met yesterday with some other former white house residents. nbc's steve handelsman explains. >> reporter: a picture of bipartisanship. president obama hosted both presidents bush, 41 and 43, and their wives at the white house. for the unveiling of george w. bush's portrait. >> behave yourself. >> reporter: he paid tribute to his dad. >> i am honored to be hanging near a man who gave me the greatest gift possible, unconditional love. and that would be number 41. >> reporter: president obama paid tribute to his predecessor. >> president bush understood that rescuing our economy was not just a democratic or republican issue. >> reporter: but the president's campaign team had opened a new
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attack on the republican running to be president. mitt romney charges the new obama video, failed as massachusetts governor. >> governor romney's plan for america right now is the same plan that he sold to the people in massachusetts in 2002. >> reporter: and top obama adviser david axelrod went to romney's home turf, boston. >> romney economics didn't work then and it won't work now. >> reporter: mitt romney, meanwhile, made his own partisan play in california. showing up at solyndra, the solar energy firm that went bankrupt after investors contributed to the obama campaign and got a $500 million in obama stimulus funds. >> free enterprise to the president means taking money from the taxpayers and giving it freely to his friends. >> reporter: romney said when he left naufs massachusetts, unemployment was 4.7%. >> i think 4.7% is a pretty good number. >> back to the battle. so much for warm, bipartisan nostalgia. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news,
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washington. failed republican presidential candidate buddy roemer is blaming big honey for ruining america's political system. last night on the rachel maddow show, he told rachel the country's loose campaign finance rules have made dialogue between democrats and republicans practically impossible. >> i realize we now live in the worst of both worlds. the old debate between the liberals or progressives and conservatives. we're between full disclosure and limits. liberals wanted broad limits. conservatives wanted disclosure. they both said. we have neither now. neither. it's wide open. i mean, today's case with john edwards was about personal integrity and corruption. we're talking system 80 corruption now where policy, whether it be military, trade policy, budget policy with earmarks, a tax code you cannot read, rachel.
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these issues, these policy issues are moved by cash and big checks. they're not moved by debate anymore. in fact, when one side is speaking on the floor of the house, the other side is not even there. we've quit talking to and with each other. we're just talking at each other now. and i think the driving force, rachel is the power of money. it's gone berserk. >> lean forward with the rachel maddow show weeknights at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. here's your first look at other news going on around america today. in california, a black bear got loose and had to be stunned with a taser inside the hallway of an apartment complex in bakersfield. and that was after the bear wandered across the playground of an elementary school while graduation ceremonies were being held on campus. students were rushed inside and animal control officers were finally able to round up the bear who will be set free back
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into the wild. in wisconsin, a suspected drunk driver was caught riding his lawn mower in traffic. really, guy? come on. he was arrested after his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. he says he doesn't know that you couldn't ride a law mower on the street. yeah, kind of illegal. but he's got a bigger problem. this is his fourth dui charge. finally in california, it's the dog that will cost you more than a few dollars. the world's most expensive hot dog has been served up. here are the ingredients. moose, cheese from sweden, white truffle butter and beef shipped all the way from chicago for the occasion. the bill? $145.49. that doesn't cover any antacid. now for a look at your national weather, we turn to todd santos with your weather channel forecast. >> good morning. i'll take two. >> moose cheese? really. i don't know. white truffle butter.
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i'll spread that on my toast. >> extravagant meals you can buy. although they cover up the actual meat itself. >> relish and mustard. come on. >> old school ballpark. give me that any day. fenway franks. want to take you what we're dealing with. a quick look into the radar. a few areas where we may see chances for severe weather across the mid-atlantic. that's even including portions of around d.c., eastern north carolina, eastern virginia as well. you see a couple different disturbances showing up. one getting in through the dakotas. may see scattered thunderstorms just outside the rockies themselves. showers and thunderstorms through portions of florida. it's really this area where if you look real close you can see almost a little bit of a spin. that's going to push a small disturbance toward the mid-atlantic that times out into the afternoon. that could get some of these thunderstorms going. wind and hail-producing storms. once you get to the northern boundary of this, some of the better chances there will be more for the persistent rainfall and in through florida,
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certainly on the rainy side of things. it's in this area we may see the better chances for severe weather. don't be at least deceived by that because we could see again those chances of thunderstorms really increasing this afternoon. may see a few showers around d.c., virginia. n did want to mention the storm prediction center has issued a slight risk from erie, p.a., down towards charleston, south carolina, including the outer banks and d.c. as well as virginia beach. charlotte, north carolina as well. so just want to make sure you at least know that considering it's a hail and wind threat but also an isolated tornado threat. make sure you have a way to get your warnings through this area. may see showers moving in later tonight. the better threat for today south of the cram front including the nation's capital and a good stretch of the 95 corridor. travelwise, something to keep in mind. this morning you see a number of
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areas along the 90, 80, across 70. dealing more with the shower chance paps good portion of central lower michigan deal with heavier showers especially along 75 and the northwest, showers moving down to portland during the daytime. we'll take a look at the full forecast across the country. also the markets wobble. investors wait on job numbers and uncle sam makes a whopper of a tax return mistake. your first look at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. another day, another home run for the rockies. carlos gonzalez, home sweet home for the thunder and a marathon at the french open. you're watching "first look." [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. a federal appeals court in boston has ruled the defense of marriage act unconstitutional for denying federal benefits to
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married same-sex couples. the 1996 law says the federal government cannot recognize same-sex marriage even in states where it's legal. the issue now appears to be headed for the u.s. supreme court. secretary of state hillary clinton is putting new pressure on russia to support international action in syria. during a visit to denmark, she said russia's continuing support of president bashar al assad even after last week's syrian massacre is contributing to a civil war. two new man-made elements on the periodic table now have names. element 114 is now flourovium. element 116 is livermorium after its birth location in california. travel and leisure readers have voted anchorage, alaska, the nation's worst dressed city. salt lake city came in second followed by baltimore. in chin ark this is insane video. a car crashed into a motorcycle that ran a red light and sent
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its five passengers flying. what are five people doing on a motorcycle anyway? but luckily and fortunately, they all escaped with nonlife-threatening injuries. insane. here's you first look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 12,393. taking a look at overseas trading. in tokyo the nikkei tumbled 102 points. in hong kong, the hang seng dipped 71. investors will be waiting for today's big report on unemployment. wall street yesterday closed out the worst month since september for the s&p 500 while the dow and nasdaq had their largest monthly declines in two years. now the government releases that may jobs report today with economists expecting that employers added roughly 150,000 jobs with the unemployment rate unchanged at 8.1%. elsewhere during the first quarter, homes in some stage of foreclosure accounted for more
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than 1 in 4 home sales. with short sales before foreclosure hitting a three-year high. the latest report on manufacturing in china showed nearly a 3% drop as the world's number two economy slowed more in may. microsoft is almost done with its much-anticipated overhaul of the windows operating system. releasing its final test version of windows 8. exxonmobil is planning to build a multibillion-dollar chemical plant in texas which would take advantage of cheap natural gas. college student loan debt is still piling up with a 3% increase in the first quarter of the year to more than $900 billion. and what would you do about this? a waitress in cleveland got a big surprise when her income tax refund check arrived. instead of $750 that she expected she, got a check for more than $434,000. she did the right thing, avoided
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jailtime. she returned it to the irs but she's going to have to wait six more weeks for her corrected refund check. coming up, the tigers avoid a sweep. the rockies slug the astros. and an endurance grind in the french open of tennis. plus the oklahoma city thunder slam back at home. your first look at sports is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. my mother froze everything. i was 18 years old before i had my first fresh bun. the invention that i came up with is the hot dog ez bun steamer. steam is the key to a great hot dog.
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finals, the thunder snapped san antonio's 20-game winning streak blowing out the spurs in game three. here's nbc's mario solis. >> good morning to you. so much for the spurs' 20-game winning streak. the thunder have made it a series. game three in okc. the thunder come out flying. open things up with an 8-0 run and spurs don't know what hit them. san antonio rallies but never really get back into it. james harden from downtown. okc up 13 at the break. they blow the game wide open in the second half. four three-pointers and finishing with 19 points. thunder roll, 102-82, handing the spurs their first loss of the playoffs. hockey. he's a four-time stanley cup champion, seven-time norris trophy winner. after 20 seasons with the red wings, nicholas lindstrom is calling it a career. he'll go down as one of the best defensemen. he's expected to take a position
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with detroit's front office. and game two of the stanley cup final between the devils and kings is tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern on nbc. baseball matchup of two underachieving teams. boston jumps out to an early 2-0 lead. after that, it's all detroit. young chhits a home run. after hitting three home runs on wednesday, carlos gonzalez was back at it again yesterday. a three-run bomb to left. he's now hit a homer in four straight at-bats. that is a new team record. rockies beat the astros, 11-5. finally, it's been a tough french open for the americans. andy roddick, venus and serena williams have all been eliminated. now john isner is done. he's pushed to the limit in a 5-hour, 41-minute match. he played the longest match in history back at wimbledon and won. he wasn't as fortunate yesterday. i'm mario solis.
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here is todd santos with that all-important weekend forecast. let's hear it, todd. >> you know, for some areas it's going to be remaining a little unsettled especially up toward southeastern new england. initially deal with this frontal system. d.c. area, eastern virginia, carolinas, make sure you have a way to get your warnings. not out of the question to see isolated tornadoes today. primarily in some of these stronger thunderstorms. a hail and wind threat. up towards boston, at least to finish off the week, a fairly decent set-up. chicago, some of the showers early on. they'll be transitioning out of the area over the next few hours. west coast, more showers moving in toward portland during the day. seattle seeing a few of those. as we get into saturday, we'll start to see a coastal low developing off southeast new england. that will bring better shower chances over toward boston. may get into new york later tonight as far as showers are concerned. d.c. looking better for saturday. florida central and southern. up towards billings. may also see thunderstorm activity.
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chicago and lower lake michigan looking beautiful both saturday and sunday. boston getting some of those showers. new york also may see showers wrapping around on the back side of that system into sunday. who is favored this weekend at the box office? and anger over a celebrity son's college scholarship. plus, fuelling the feud. madonna takes aim at lady gaga. your first look at entertainment is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. we love gardening... yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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welcome back to "first look." remember yesterday in maryland we showed you a 6-year-old little girl's brave but unsuccessful performance at scripps national spelling bee.
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now we have a winner. >> guetapens. >> guetapens. g-u-e-t-a-p-e-n-s. guetapens. >> a 14-year-old from san diego correctly spelled a french derived word which luckily i don't have to say meaning ambush. she won $30,000 and a scholarship. good for her. time for some entertainment news. at the box office this weekend, a new film is sure to grab top spot. not surprisingly, the fairy tale epic "snow white and the huntsman" starring kristen stewart and registering well with women, but thor's chris hemsworth and the studio's efforts to market it as a war story could pay off with the guys as well. it should win with $40 million, maybe more while "men in black iii" and "the avengers" bat
2:28 am
teleout for second. the biebs suffered a concussion last night in paris after running into a glass wall after a concert. kicking off her world tour last night in tel aviv, madonna took a shot at lady gaga. this is a longstanding feud. she finished her 1989 song "express yourself" which many allege that gaga copied with her song "born this way." and madonna shouted she's not me. and finally, outrage is spreading in cash-strapped california over sean diddy combs justin being given a full scholarship to play football at ucla. of course, combs has been estimated $500 million so you can understand why people would be a little fired up about this one. >> but if it's based on his ability to play the game, i understand. he could defuse this by creating a scholarship fund. >> todd going off the rails. going to get some angry -- just
2:29 am
kidding. i'm lynn berry. this is "first look." "way too early with willie geist" starts right now. bill clinton finds his inner corey booker suggesting everybody just back off the kind of private equity work mitt romney did at bain capital saying romney had a, quote, sterling business career. the question is has the obama campaign pushed bain into the background in favor of a focus on romney's time as the governor of massachusetts. former presidential candidate john edwards found not guilty on one charge against him and a mistrial is called on the other counts in a case where he was accused of using campaign money to hide his extramarital affair. the question is, was edwards guilty as he said yesterday only of being a bad husband? we'll talk live in a minute to savannah guthrie. and the spurs' historic winning streak ends as the thunder get right


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